About us

Open Bible Learning is a facility organised and provided by an independent group of Bible Students in the UK.

Our aim is to provide stimulating online courses designed to encourage people to study their Bibles for themselves.  Courses cover a range of subjects including the following areas:

  • Historical background to the Old and New Testaments,
  • The authenticity of the Biblical texts,
  • Identifying the original teaching of Jesus and his Apostles, as distinct from the church traditions developed over many centuries,
  • The relevance of Bible teaching to life in the modern world,
  • The evidence for God as a creative power who is involved in world events that lead to a tangible hope for men and women.

The focus of Open Bible Learning is to encourage honest Bible reading and to dispel much of the misinformation that surrounds Biblical discussion.

To find out more about our activities or contact us with any questions about the course material, hit the button below to get in touch.